Animal Sanctuary Plan

Here is a brief overview of how we plan to accomplish our mission to create our very own animal sanctuary!

Stage 1: With the support of our community we will focus on business growth until we can generate enough revenue to support follow on stages for purchasing land, building facilities, hiring staff, and caring for animals.

We will gradually increase our product selection and re-invest left over profits into our marketing to accelerate growth and accomplish our mission faster. 

Stage 2: Create our sanctuary's identity. Prior to beginning our journey we will establish our sanctuary's organization and file for 501(c)(3) status.

Here you will see our mission come to life as we launch our social media accounts and share the process with our community for full transparency. 

Stage 3: Purchasing our land. We currently plan to locate in an affordable area of southern California in order to assist with the overwhelming stress on animal shelters throughout the area. More details will be provided once we get closer to accomplishing stage 1.
Stage 4: To be continued.