About Bastion Jewelry

Our Story.

Bastion jewelry is a simple hope of creating a successful small business.

Yes we would love to one day make our business profitable but our lives have been forever shaped by the fact that people don't always treat the animals in this world very well. 

So we decided that we can put together some great animal themed jewelry that's low cost so you can enjoy wearing it any time, any where!


While it may not be as expensive or impressive as some grand silver chain or golden pendant. You can be proud knowing that it's existence isn't just to make some people rich! 

We make sure a strict 50% of all our profits are donated to a great animal rescue that can show you all the amazing things they do everyday to make the world a far more beautiful place! (More Info!)

Also, We don't think enough Dog Necklaces and Cat Earrings exist in this world!


Questions Or Concerns?

Anyone is welcome to email us for any reason!

Reach us at: bastioncorp.jewelry@gmail.com